Who We Are

About Alimetrix®

WE ARE A DIAGNOSTIC COMPANY with a mission to deliver state of the art diagnostic tools for infectious diseases.

OUR GOAL is to always deliver clinically actionable information that will positively affect the patient's outcome.

OUR MISSION is to alleviate suffering through informed disease insight and the development of state of the art diagnostic tools.

WE EXIST to actively reduce patient suffering. We exist to provide Great diagnostic tools, education, and communication.

  • CLIA #01D2113023

About Alimetrix®

Our Mission

Alimetrix was founded upon the desire to provide clinicians with relevant and actionable data, as quickly as possible, using the most relevant technological platform. We've assembled a highly sophisticated repertoire of technologies, each of which is most suitable to the specific demands of our assay targets. Previously, as assay development partners for clients the world over, we had the opportunity to witness both the strengths and weaknesses of many different assay design philosophies. We have seen firsthand the successes and shortcomings of many different platforms. At Alimetrix our mission is to take that knowledge and use it to provide diagnostic assays that deliver relevant, actionable information, with best-in-class accuracy, all in a timely fashion. Our goal is to empower clinicians with the highest quality diagnostic information, enabling them to positively affect the patient's recovery.

Relevant Diagnostics Empowering Actionable Therapy®