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Alimetrix® ABSCESS-Metrix Benefits

Sinus Infection

Alimetrix® ABSCESS-Metrix Benefits

Head, Neck, and Odontogenic Abscesses

Deep neck space abscesses (DNAs) are relatively common otolaryngology-head and neck surgery emergencies and can result in significant morbidity with potential mortality. Traditionally, surgical incision and drainage (I&D) with antibiotics has been the mainstay of treatment. Before the widespread use of antibiotics, 70% of deep neck space infections were caused by spread from tonsillar and pharyngeal infections which makes ABSCESS-Metrix an excellent test to identify not only the etiology of the pathogen but also associated antibiotic resistances.

Today, tonsillitis remains the most common etiology of deep neck space infections in children, whereas odontogenic origin is the most common etiology in adults. Deep neck infections (DNIs) can cause significant morbidity in children. There are a variety of causes of deep neck infections including the following:

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